Urogyn 2022 English

Registration for the 2022 Conference on Urology, Gynecology and Urogynecology – UROGYN

    This address is where all the announcements related to the organization of the conference will be sent. CAREFUL!!! AN ADDRESS CANNOT BE USED BY MORE PARTICIPANTS


    Mailing address

    If the mailing address differs from the above address, please fill in the fields below (for situations where the conference folder will be sent to this address)

    Professional details

    (code inscribed on the Certificate of membership issued by the Romanian College of Physicians) - in the case of resident doctors will be completed with 0000000000 *


    Payment of participation fees by bank transfer to the account:

    RO62BTRL00501205B24315XX opened at Banca Transilvania, Asociatia UROGYN, CUI 30272996
    This has to be specified on the payment order: Payment 2022 UROGYN Conference
    Proof of payment: The scanned payment order or picture will be sent to [email protected]